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We’re Building The Technical Infrastructure to Accelerate The Transition To A Green Economy

Environ Renewable Energy is a clean energy tech company that provides energy management solutions across solar PV panels installations, EV charging stations, and smart buildings technology.  Our online green energy marketplace connects customers, accredited energy providers, product suppliers and financers in a singular marketplace. EnViron’s clean energy platform allows easy integration of solar panel PV installation with EV charging and infrastructure, and smart building energy efficiency optimization. We offer a full stack solution that connects solar, data analytics, storage batteries, EV charging stations, heat pumps, and management of the entire energy system for residential and commercial applications.

We partner with communities, businesses, and landowners across the country to provide jobs, significant tax revenues, and energy cost savings while providing low-cost clean energy to customers. Our commitment to making a positive impact on the world around us goes beyond developing clean energy.  We go above and beyond to support the communities and environments where we develop, live, work and operate. Empowering you with a broad array of clean energy possibilities.

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Inspiring The Next Generation Of
Green Energy Technicians

We provide the solutions to address the transition to a green economy and the workforce shortage challenges of the green energy transition. Our business model comprises 3 strategic imperatives: benefit the environment, individuals, and communities.

Workforce Training

EV Charging Stations


Our vision has attracted a team of enthusiastic experts with diverse backgrounds, each committed to bringing EnViron’s vision to life. Together, we have over 100 years of relevant experience. Experience Matters.

Lorenzo Williams
Founder, Managing Partner

Lorenzo, a serial entrepreneur, has over 35 years of experience in diverse domestic and international markets...

John McKissack
SVP Engineering
Chief Operating Officer

John has over 25 years experience in process and HVAC systems and applications for commercial buildings.

Clifford M. DeBerry Jr.
SVP Engineering
Construction & Design

Cliff has over 36 years of experience. He serves as the VP of design, construction, and delivery of electric, gas, and water

Investors Relations

EnViron Renewable Energy LLC, headquartered in Memphis, TN, is an integrated renewable energy service provider of clean energy solutions with a focus on workforce training and development across solar energy, EV charging infrastructure, and smart building technology.

EnViron is positioning itself to be a market leader in the green energy economy with its focus on building the next-generation green tech workforce

We have a full stack, scalable flywheel that’s repeatable across the value chains of automotive, electric utilities, businesses, real estate development, and government sectors.

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Lorenzo Williams

Interested In Becoming Part Of The
Environ Renewable Energy Team?

We are always looking for talented and driven people to join our company. Head over and apply through Indeed to view open career opportunities. When you join EnViron, you can feel good about the work you’re doing and about the company you work for.

We believe that work with purpose has the potential to solve the greatest challenges of our time. Our team sets that work in motion, and as a part of it, you can unlock your own impactful future career.

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